Museum Masterpieces

In Museum Masterpieces, composer Catherine Rollin has created musical expressions of some of the great works of art found in museums throughout the world. The paintings that inspired these six pieces are beautifully displayed on a four-page color insert at the center of the book, along with historical notes about each painting.

Museum Masterpieces: The Premier Exhibition

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Elementary Solos

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Museum Masterpieces: Celebrating Women Artists Through the Ages!

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Pathways to Artistry

“It would take a consummate artist and an experienced and dedicated teacher to conceive of, and create, Pathways to Artistry.  Catherine Rollin is just such a person.  Her books are a treasure-trove for teachers and students, a true “pathway” towards the achievement of musical and technical skills.”  Seymour Bernstein

Sounds of Spain

Lyric Moments

The Bean Bag Zoo

Preludes for Piano

“Truly, words can’t say how much I like and admire these pieces” William Gillock writing about Catherine Rollin’s “Preludes for Piano.”

Dancing on the Keys

Dances for Two

Catherine Rollin Favorite Solos and The Best of Catherine Rollin